5 Keys Benefits of a Home Inspection

Your home inspection report should communicate the general condition of the home being considered for purchase. The information contained in your inspection report is typically intended to identify key concerns noted by the home inspector as material to your due diligence phase of a real estate purchase agreement. With this in mind, below are 5 key benefits a buyer can expect from their home inspection:

  1. Home inspection reports should help assess your ability to afford and maintain the property.
  2. Most commonly,  home inspections can be great tools to renegotiate the existing purchase offer with the seller.
  3. From a practical perspective, home inspection reports help assess the dollar value of the repairs needed to the home. This value can then be factored in your comparison between the appraisal value and purchase price.
  4. Less common, home inspections can be used to identify scope of work with contractors and other tradespeople.
  5. Most obvious, home inspections can be the basis to withdraw your offer.

Making Decisions

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