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Part-time sub-contractor position providing real estate inspection services to home buyers along the greater Wasatch Front. Earn an average of two hundred and fifty dollars per week including days, evenings and weekends working approximately fifteen hours a week. We offer value by performing complete, timely and thorough inspections using only value-based information while leveraging the latest technology.

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Job Description

Perform residential home inspection services by driving to location of inspection site then performing an onsite visual assessment and inspection overview with home buyer. Duties include communication with client while or as part of performing physical inspection and submitting electronic inspection report. Must have vehicle, computer laptop, ladder and digital camera with SD card. Background in heating and cooling, plumbing or construction preferable.

Duties and Responsibilities

Perform information gathering portion of home inspection by driving to and from inspection location which can be fifty to one hundred miles travel distance from Salt Lake City. Must wear corporate logo’d shirt. Upon arrival, perform visual assessment of home using digital camera according to INTERNACHI’s Scope of Inspection standards. At conclusion of onsite assessment, inspector will present findings to home buyer via electronic tablet and collect payment, if necessary. Within 24 hours of performing visual assessment, inspector is expected to transfer photo images to laptop for the purpose of building and uploading inspection report for final review and submission to client.

Qualifications and Skills

Associate of science or higher level education with preferred trade background in plumbing, heating and cooling, or construction. Proficient in MS windows, word, excel and paint with valid driver license and proof of insurance. Must have physical ability to climb ladders, remove and replace electrical panels, access crawl space areas and effectively communicate with all stakeholders.

Required Tools

  • Windows laptop with MS Internet
  • Digital camera w/ SD card
  • Aluminum Telescopic Ladder
  • Rechargeable flashlight
  • GFCI Outlet and Circuit tester
  • Multi-tool Screwdriver
  • Infrared thermometer
  • Professional tool bag

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