Identifying 4 Types of Defects In Your Report

Your home inspection should identify four types of concerns regarding the condition of your home. The four types of concerns should be evaluated as part of your decision to purchase or not purchase the home.

  1. Major Expense – Repair or replacement of a home’s system or components which would be equivalent to $3,000 dollars or more to remedy.
  2. Critical Repair – Repair or condition which, if not addressed, could lead to a major expense.
  3. Marketability – Condition which could hinder your ability to sell the home to another buyer at a later date.
  4. Safety Hazard – Condition which poses an unreasonable risk to the occupants of the home.

An item or concerns which falls into one of the above categories should be considered a defect and be identified as such in your home inspection.

Home Repair

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