Mold Panel

Most home buyers place moisture and mold high on their list of concerns. In general, having a home tested for mold won’t be necessary to gauge the true health and soundness of a home. If all of the home’s major systems (roof, venting, etc) are performing as expected then mold shouldn’t be a problem to your family’s health, the home’s structural integrity, or aesthetic appeal.

Wall with moldTesting (or sampling) for mold in your air should be done when a visual examination of the property yields: moisture intrusion, water damage, musty odors, apparent mold growth, or conditions conducive to mold growth. In summary, mold problems are typically a symptom of a bigger problem with the home. Sampling for mold can be used for validating a home does not have a concern and should always follow a sound visual inspection which uncovers signs of mold presence or conditions conducive to mold presence.

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