When Inspecting Older Homes

When inspecting a home built 50 to 100 years in age, or older, there is unique risk in respect to three of the home’s main systems. These systems include the electrical system, plumbing supply and drain waste and building envelope. The electrical system for homes older than 50 years will need upgrading if the home has not already been updated. The main electrical service connect and branch circuit wires should include a single shut-off on the exterior along with wiring which accommodates grounded outlets. Same with the home’s plumbing system. If the home still has the original galvanized piping the the piping should be upgraded to either copper or pex-type material. Typically, additions and inevitable remodeling have changed the building envelope and the structure including roof should be continuous. In summary, if during your home inspection you find you are facing any or all of these major upgrades there should be a roadmap to upgrading these systems.

Older Home

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