Your Role In The Home Inspection

With some exceptions, your buyer inspection should be about making a decision to purchase or not purchase the property you have under contract. According to Wikipedia, decision making is the cognitive process leading to a belief or course of action. The underpinning of decision making is identifying and choosing alternatives based on values, preferences and beliefs.

The role of the home buyer is to establish their objective with the home, available alternatives in the marketplace, their tolerance to risk and their financial capacity to maintain the home. All of these factors come together to produce a final choice. Every buyer will have a different set of alternatives, risk tolerance, skill set and financial condition. This final choice should take into account these considerations and therefore should be make solely and hopefully confidently by the home buyer.

The role of  the real estate agent (if applicable) should be to drive the decision making process. Driving the the decision making process includes rendering the needed resources such as lender, title company, appraiser and home inspector, sharing their personal experiences from past transactions, educating the buyer about different alternatives and representing the buyer. With this said, the role of the agent does not and should not include making the decision for the buyer.

The home inspector’s role is to survey the physical condition of the property and to communicate findings to the buyer. On occasion, this role may include recommending other specialists to evaluate specific risks more closely. Likewise with the agent’s role, the role of inspector is not and should not be to influence or sway the buyer’s decision but rather support the decision making process.

Knowing and respecting your different roles in the home inspection process will help ensure a better outcome for the buyer and all involved parties.


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