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How to Choose the Right Home Inspector

Choosing a home inspector for your home purchase can seem like an overwhelming task. With so many inspectors out there, it’s important to be sure that you select the best home inspector for the job. This article will provide helpful advice on how to choose the right home inspector. We’ll cover topics such as choosing an inspector who has the right credential and certification, the best source for referrals, and more.

The National Home Inspector Examination

When selecting a home inspector, you should look for a home inspector who has passed the National Home Inspector Examination (NHIE). The National Home Inspector Examination is a comprehensive written examination that evaluates core competencies in home inspection and proficiency in related areas of practice. Passing this exam shows that the home inspector has achieved a certain level of competence and knowledge in their field.

ASHI Professional Standards and Ethics

Home inspections conducted by certified inspectors from the American Society of Home Inspectors Association (ASHI) are highly recommended. By choosing an ASHI-certified inspector, you can be sure that they have met ASHI’s rigorous standards to conduct quality inspections. Additionally, being part of ASHI means that the inspector is subject to professional standards and ethics set forth by the organization. This ensures that the home inspection is conducted with integrity and accuracy.

Benefits of Working with a Real Estate Agent

Being referred by a real estate agent is a great way to find a quality home inspector. Real estate agents will typically have experience working with various inspectors, giving them insight into the different qualities and strengths they offer. Additionally, they are usually familiar with resources such as ASHI and can often provide you with referrals or recommendations for reputable inspectors in your area. By having the right home inspection team on your side, you can be sure that the condition of your home will be accurately reported.

Why Checking Online Reviews Is Essential

Checking online reviews can help ensure that you are finding an experienced and knowledgeable home inspector. They can also give insight into customer experience, as well as any issues or concerns that may have arisen with previous home buyers such as yourself. It’s important to read reviews carefully and make sure the inspector has a positive reputation before engaging with them; this will provide peace of mind knowing that your inspection will be done correctly and professionally.

Membership in Local Board of Realtors

It’s important to make sure that your home inspector is a member of their local board of realtors. Not only will this help ensure that they have passed a background check, but it will also assure you that they have the necessary general liability insurance in place. Furthermore, being a part of their local board of realtors provides them with access to additional resources and training opportunities which can be extremely beneficial when inspecting properties.

Bringing it all Together

When it comes to selecting a home inspector, having someone who is certified by the National Home Inspector Exam, ASHI certified and a member of their local board of realtors is ideal. Additionally, referrals from a trusted realtor and positive online reviews can provide additional assurance of quality. Ultimately, having all these elements in place should give you confidence that the inspection will be conducted accurately and professionally.

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