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Identifying Structural Problems

Trying to purchase a home can be an intimidating process, but it is important to know what signs to look for during your home inspection or commercial property inspection. Potential structural problems with the foundation of a home or commercial building can be pricey to repair. Knowing how to identify common red flags can help you avoid money pits when evaluating a property.

Common Signs of Problems

When inspecting the exterior or interior of a home or commercial building, there are common signs to look for that may indicate structural issues with the foundation. Visible cracks in the exterior walls of 1/4 inch or greater should always be noted, as this could indicate foundation settling or shifting. Additionally, cracks in drywall located around windows or doors might also point toward possible structure problems. It is also important to check for water intrusion near the foundation of the house; if water is not draining away from the house’s foundation properly, water damage may result and require costly repairs down the line.

How To Spot Hidden Issues

In addition to looking for visible signs on both the interior and exterior of the home or building, there are also ways to identify potential problems within a property’s foundation that may not be immediately apparent visually. By checking public records, such as permits or code violations, you can get an idea of any previous work done on the property that may have caused changes in the building envelope, elevation or other constructional modifications that could lead to cracking over time.

Consider Hiring a Specialist

Additionally, if you sense possible structural issues, hiring an engineer or foundation repair contractor who specializes in examining foundations will provide an even more thorough review, allowing you spot potential issues before purchase that you may not have noticed otherwise.

Bringing it all Together

Knowing what signs to look for during your next home inspection or commercial property is essential when trying to buy a new property. Common features like cracking on walls or water intrusion near foundations can indicate serious structural issues with a foundation which could require costly repairs down the road. Additionally, it is important not just rely on visual clues alone; by reviewing the seller disclosure statement and searching previous MLS listings you can get an even better understanding of what structural problems might exist with a property before committing to purchase it. Doing your homework now can save you thousands later!

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